Re: Firmware upgradeability

Huze Laptop <hduff@...>

I hear you but IMHO there's really no excuse
not to use a Flash microcontroller in this
day and age. Whether or not a Flash upgrade
is ever required during the product life, the cost
to incorporate the capability is minimal. I don't
know about you, but it sure would make me feel
more comfortable to know that the capability is
there on a piece of equipment that I just paid
$1000 for, especially if I buy one from an early
production run.
It could also allow the equipment manufacturer
to get the product to market faster, then offer
updates at a later time (i.e. ATV transmit).
We're not talking about toasters or VCRs here
and techies love "updates". I like it !

A cynic might conclude that not providing an
upgrade path such as firmware flashing capability
is simply a marketing strategy to force turnover for
sales of the new and improved replacement product.

73 de Hugh VA3TO

RB wrote:

One point: Usually, the issue of a flash ROM is defined in terms of the
longevity of any product. Since the development cycle for Icom's best
and brightest products, eg. IC-706 / 706MKII / 706MKIIG and now the
756x series--I say, given the fact that the development cycle for these
products is now reaching several years (the IC-706 was first introduced
in 1999, IIRC), it seems that flash upgradeability would be a distinct
development support advantage.

73 de KX7Q

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