Re: [IC-7000] Searching Transceiver Interface


Hi Holger,

I am also using MixW with the 7000. For radio control, I am using an interface
similar to this:

For audio I am connecting directly between the computer and the port on the back
of the radio with shielded cables.

I also use a generic USB to RS-232 adapter because my laptop does not have a
serial port.

I have been running this setup for many years and have not had any issues with

73 de N1GBE, Ralph


From: holger_2 <>
Sent: Wed, March 20, 2013 11:13:40 PM
Subject: [IC-7000] Searching Transceiver Interface


I am searching for a Transceiver Interface for my IC-7000 in order to avoid

I own a MacBook and for Windows programs Virtual Box is running.

Currently I'm using MixW2.

Which Transceiver Interfaces do you recommend for using digital modes?

I am grateful for any hints which reasonably priced interface is the best to
Interface diagrams for homemade solutions are also appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

73 de DD7HW, Holger

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