Re: IC-7000 Won't transmit

Keith Obrosky

Here is an update:

I received notice today from Icom America in Bellevue WA that my IC-7000 has been repaired and is on its way back to me.

Here is the diagnosis and the repairs:

Description of repairs required
Replace bad driver and final amp FETs.
Perform complete alignment.
Perform operational testing on all bands and modes.

I have asked Icom America's service department to provide possible reasons for such failure so that, if it is operator error, I make changes so that the failure doesn't

Thank you all for your input and I would appreciate any thoughts on possible causes of the problem

Keith W2KWO/KD2CWQ (just got my vanity call sign)

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Hello and 73 to everyone. I just joined the group and hope someone might have some input with the problem I'm having, it seems similar to the topic "Re: Strange issues with output power"

This is the description of the problem I just sent to Icom:

I plan to send my IC-7000 (S/N 0506030)in for repairs but thought I would give

you some idea of the problem in the hope that you might be able to give me a

preliminary assessment of the problem and range of cost.

Other operating conditions:
LDG AT7000 autotuner (found to be working properly)
Buckmaster 300W 7-Band OCF dipole
SWR (according to the internal meter) <= 1 on all HF bands
OPEC 2M/440MHz dual band vertical antenna


RF level set to 100%

I noticed that the ALC, Po, and COM meters were not moving when I tried to

transmit on SSB.

As I tried to adjust the mic gain according to the instructions in the manual I

found that there was no reading on the ALC meter and that adjusting the main

knob had no effect on the meter reading.


RF level set to 100%

I was able to transmit on the 2M band but:
- The ALC reading went full scale into the red
- Attempts to adjust the ALC -- the ALC reading went full scale into the red when the PTT was activated and adjusting the main control know had no effect on the meter reading.
-The strength of my transmission signal grew weaker as the transmission progressed.

My Elmer, and former owner of the radio, transmitted a carrier and found the peak output to be 5W.

I understand that you will be able to give a better assessment once you can test the radio but any preliminary thoughts would be appreciated.

Keith Obrosky KD2CWQ

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