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Thanks Sigi, except your URL link did not work for me?

73, Chris ZL1BOE

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You have to use the 1IF 124.487MHz.
Here you go.
Hope this helps a little.

73 de DO1KLM, Sigi

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Hi All,

I am a 7000 owner also interested in an attachment for panoramic reception.

However, looking at the IC-7000 specs it seems that the 10.7MHz IF is used for WBFM only. My data sheet states that for all the other modes - SSB/CW/RTTY/NBFM - there are three IF's which are are 124.487MHz, 455kHz and 16.1kHz. The last two will be much too narrow for a panadaptor I suspect.

I am working on the assumption that the way to go with the IC-7000 is to use a fully tunable HF SDR - I have an SDR-IQ - and control it via software like Studio 1 plus OmniRig. Tune the 7000 and the SDR tracks along or tune the SDR and the 7000 tracks along. Also, because the 7000 lacks an aux antenna output this means something like the Elad RF/AF switch box if one wants to connect to the same antenna.

This approach does give quite a lot of extra flexibility over an IF panadaptor but with the SDR IQ does not provide for VHF/UHF reception.

73, Chris ZL1BOE

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Maybe this is what are you searching for.
The IC7000 has first IF at 124,487MHz for AM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY.

73 de DO1KLM, Sigi

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I'm wondering if there's a mod for the 7000 to provide IF output. Would
like to have a real spectrum scope. Is it possible? Googling around mostly
returns hits on the R7000 receiver.

73 - Mark Schoonover - KA6WKE
QSX: 21.446 SSB & 29.6 FM

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