Re: [IC-7000] IC-7000 don´t want to switch on

Tong Meco

    Your friend problem like S21RC,but he solve the problem and repair it by himself.
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主題: [IC-7000] IC-7000 don´t want to switch on
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Hi all

i惴 new in the group, i had an IC-7000 during 2 years and i sold it, i think it愀 a great TRX (mine got the driver failure in guarente time) but it愀 realy a nice TRX. Noew i have one FT-2000 and one TS-2000X, enought for me :)

I惴 trying to help a friend that don愒 speak english.

Her IC-7000 don愒 want to switch on, when he press the on button, he ear the sound of a relay but the TRX don愒 switch on.

we have check all fuses and we have made a reset but we have not found the mistake.

Anyone can help us?

tnx es 73 all

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