Re: 100% power with BPSK31?

VE3FMC <ve3fmc@...>

PSK and almost every other mode does not require 100 watts. If you run the Icom 7000 at 100 watts on digital modes you are going to cause a lot of excessive heat in the radio. Sooner or later the finals will go south.

As for 100 watts at RTTY, I would not do that either unless it was for a quick DX exchange. For rag chewing you are better off driving an amp to get a higher output.

I used to operate a lot of Olivia with my 7000. Always kept the output at 20 watts, plus I had a small 12 VDC fan sitting behind the rig to blow some extra air across it.

--- In ic7000@..., Robert Elsinga wrote:


Can I harm the IC7000 when I crack up the power to 1005 in BPSK31? The
manual states that it can deliver 100W on RTTY, which also is a
continuous mode.


Robert Elsinga =8-)

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