Re: [IC-7000] 100% power with BPSK31?

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On 13-1-2013 15:18, Graham Saville wrote:
Hi it may handle the power but that is definitely not the way to operate a database. You will overdrive the signal. The best way is to set the IC 7000 to 100% and reduce the audio in level so that the ALC reads as near to 0 as you can get it then slowly increase the audio in so that the power level is showing no more than 25%
The audio is at the ALC sweat spot, at 1% and 50%+. So no problem there.

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Le 13/01/2013 13:32, Robert Elsinga a écrit :
Can I harm the IC7000 when I crack up the power to 1005 in BPSK31? The
manual states that it can deliver 100W on RTTY, which also is a
continuous mode.
Yes no problem if you want to burn your PA...


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