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Raymond M. Burns

Remember there is no overheating problems with the ic 7000
De ray wb2mly

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The earth rod is driven down about 5 feet with a 4 inch PVC pipe over it filled with Bentonite.

73. VP2ETE

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Subject: [IC-7000] Re: Smoke

I have smoked three brand new IC-7000 (driver boards) within a few weeks of purchase. If the unit has been in Rx for a while, and smokes for no reason, it is probably the earth. It is an uncommon, but accepted by Icom problem, that if you have an IC-7000 connected to a really bad earth, i.e. it's more of an aerial than and earth, then this happens. Icom are researching the problem, but don't have a fix yet.


a. Disconnect the earth entirely, or

b. Connect to mains earth, or

c. Fix your earth

I elected option b and have been trouble free for 6 months.

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