[IC-7000] Re: last analogue tv reception on the IC-7000

Steve Sawicki

The vast majority of stateside converter boxes have analog channel 3-4 "Transmitters" built in. All you need to do is make a coaxial sleeve vertical with a "F" connector and you can still use the 7K....
Whole house coverage.....
Unfortunately you will need to use the converters remote to change channels

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On 22-10-2012 19:46, sally.dixon50 wrote:
Shame the TV part of the 7k is no longer usable here in the UK, as we no longer have analogue signals, only digital, I would have loved to be able to watch telly on the rig, handy when on holiday
You can always use a digital tuner/set-top-box, connect the anlogue
video out to a tv-transmitter from an old analogue video recorder and
receive that on the 7000. =8-)


Robert Elsinga =8-)
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