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This does not answer your Data Jack question, but you can pop the wire
right out of the fuse connector if you open the connector. Then it is
easier to feed through a smaller hole in the vehicle

Mike, W4KTX

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Subject: [IC-7000] Data jack question

Received my new, bright and shiny 7000 today. First thought after
un-packaging it was "Who designed the power cable?" It's long enough for a
lot of mobile installations, that's a good thing! But why are the fuse
holders so far away from the connector to the radio? Necessitates
drilling/cutting a hole in the firewall big enough to get the power
connector through instead of a little hole to run wires through. Oh well
there is always the cut and solder work-around.

After two hours with the rig on two dummy loads, one for each antenna
connection, and a quick CW contact on 30 meters I think I'll keep the thing!
I have just about everything set up in the menus to my satisfaction. The
rig interfaces to my contest logging problem just as the 706 did, the
internal keyer functions nicely although I do prefer the paddle options ala
706 menu better than the 700o menu, but that's a minor thing.

Now for a question to the group-after the 7000 spends a week or so in the
shack it'll spend the rest of it's life in a vehicle running counties and
State QSO Parties. During the QSO Parties I typically use a digital voice
recorder to record the entire contest, not only as a back up for my computer
logging but as a learning tool for the next contest. With the 706 series
there is a fixed audio out put available in the data jack-pins 5 and 2
(ground), and it is also available on the 7000. However with the 706 I could
record both the received audio (the other guy) and my transmitted audio.
With the 7000 I am hearing/recording only the received audio and not my
transmitted audio. Incidentally this is all on CW. Did I miss a menu setting
or is this common with the 7000?

Can anyone verify my problem (confusion)?


Pete, NN9K

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