Re: ICOM at Tokyo Ham Fair


I'm all for discussion of the IC-7100 here if such discussion pertains to comparisons with the IC-7000 which is this group's focus.

From the info given the IC-7100 may not be my choice. I don't have a 7000 yet, have been planning to buy one when finances permit. I use an IC-706MkIig which I have owned for 11 years.

The main things dissuading me from the 7100 would be: non-attached control head, no color display, and no external display.

As for D-Star, I'm still undecided. I live in the Los Angeles area and there is quite a bit of D-Star activity here but I'm still not sure if I want to commit myself to what only one brand supports.

The 7000 was out quite a while though before the 706 was finally discontinued. AES and others had special close-out prices on the last of their inventory. Not sure how soon that might happen with the 7000 but it would be good to know about if it does.

Dave AD7DB

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