Re: [IC-7000] New to IC-7000

Goldtr8 \(KD8NNU\)

Start at on how to properly install a mobile radio. Bonding,
proper choking and so on are on that website.

I had the scrabled ECU syndrom in my 2008 Jeep, it took lots of reading
on that site and understanding what goes on before I fixed it.

So read and learn and have fun doing it.



On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 11:54 AM, k7ovw wrote:

I know these two questions have probably already been discussed, but
don't know where to start looking:1. Is there a way to tie the S/N to
the mfgr. date?2. If I use the IC-7000 mobile, how do I protect my
car's computer from being scrambled?
Tnx. Mike -- K7OVW

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