Re: [IC-7000] FAILURE

Raymond M. Burns

There are no problems with the 7000 move along

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Stop putting down the IC 7000.
Any piece of electrical equipment will fail on occasions. 

My 706 MK II G has never had any issues and runs MUCH cooler.<<<

I must inform you that the IC 706 MK11G, IC 756 PRO3 and the IC 7000 all runs within 1 to 2 degree of each other. 

I always use an external fan with mine. <<<

As per your own words, " I always use an external fan with mine." then the Radio should not have a heat related problem.
I can understand that you are and have every reason to be dismayed. But, until you know for sure what caused the failure, quit looking for an excuse to  blame the Radio.
Have you RULED Out your Power Supply?

While operating phone SSB my 7000 started drawing extremely high current levels
(30 Amps plus) at 14.0 VDC then total RF output failure. <<<

Are you sure the Radio wasn't fed (30 Amps plus @ 14VDC) INSTEAD of Drawing 30 plus Amps?

Something keeps bugging me.

Why over Amperage and not over Voltage?

(((73))) Milverton.

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The receive is excellent: Quieter than my 7600! I will secure repair though I am leaning toward the TS 590. It is relatively small may not be plagued with the problems of the 7000. The question is how much

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