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I am interested if still available.


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For Sale: Icom IC-7000 S/N: 0510048 bought new in July 2008 from Universal Radio. Excellent condition and always used as a base station. Repaired by Icom in Bellevue, WA in April 2011 for bad HF finals (they replaced the VHF/UHF finals, too, even though there was nothing wrong with those bands) and complete alignment.

Original box, manuals, accessories, etc. RMK7000 Remote Kit (never used) and optional MB106 Carrying Handle. Not modified in any way.

I now have an Icom IC-7410 for a base station and don't really use the IC-7000 anymore except for 2 meter repeater work. I was going to install the 7000 in my GMC Denali but, after researching, I found it would cost me an extra $800 - $1000 (antenna, grounding, etc.), not to mention time, which I have very little of.

You can see a pic of my shack at: . Scroll to bottom of the page above the links.

According to my MFJ-267 Wattmeter/ Dummy Load, I am getting 105 to 115 watts out on all bands including 6 meters.

I will also throw in a Prizm 7" Digital TV/ Monitor, MIB. Asking $800 plus UPS shipping. Contact me off group.
Terry, KT7DX


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