Re: [IC-7000] SMOKED - BURNED UP ?

Raymond M. Burns

No but I have worked in a papermill for 40 years and will tell you that this why we air condition our control cbinets. The hotter a piece of electfonics runs the more will have.with it. I run my 857d 100 watt s on rtty juzt getd wsrm not hot

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From: Mark Krotz <>
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Subject: Re: [IC-7000] SMOKED - BURNED UP ?

Are you a design engineer? Solid state component operation results in
heat. The heat needs to be dissipated, and mostly it ends up in the
chassis of the radio, where you can feel it. If it didn't get
dissipated in the chassis and surrounding air circulation, then it would
be a problem resulting in the components burning up. The smaller things
are made, this becomes more of a challenge. A challenge that is not by
any stretch unique to the IC-7000.. This is true with many modern
electronic products of today.

This topic has been beaten like a dead horse on this list many times before.


On 8/12/2012 8:51 AM, wrote:
Well the rig runs hot and heat is the enemy of solid state components . From the number of heat related messages on this forum it seems to be a problem
Ray wb2mly

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From: Don Rolph <>
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Subject: RE: [IC-7000] SMOKED - BURNED UP ?

I think I am going to challenge that statement. The IC-7000 rig is a very compact rig and it does tend to run warmer that some rigs. However, I am unaware of service data which suggests that for normal use this has any observable service impact.

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