Re: [IC-7000] SMOKED - BURNED UP ?

Raymond M. Burns

There is no heat problem with the 7000 move along

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Take this for what it's worth but I actually asked Icom Tech support about
this issue and they said that it was not a big issue with the driver board,
They contribute a lot of the failures to mismatched antennas and antenna
issues. They said it was important to insure the rig was properly connected
to a good match low SWR antenna. I asked them about the SWR protection in
the rig and they said it was not designed to be continuously run into a
high SWR. They did concede that the radio needed extra attention with
insuring good ventilation but if the radio was used according to their
recommendations that no one should have any major issues with it.


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All in all they have a good record.
They're small, full of electronics, and some hams
can't deal with that. These hams won't read the book,
so what do you think happens? You're right.
73 Clete
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They dont have enough heat dissipation

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Subject: [IC-7000] SMOKED - BURNED UP ?

Okay -Question or more Observation:

I joined this group for help. I been planning on springing for a 7000
since we had to dump the PRO III for money to move to senior housing.

The 7000 looks like a great rig, with all the research and studying
I've doing, looks like a baby Pro III.

Big Concern though - everywhere I read somebody's 7000 Smoked or
Burned up??!! The driver board is toasted. Burn't. Why are these rigs
burning up? or was the first ones that came out?

I'm real skeptical now........WB0OAF

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