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Steve Sawicki

My (2) 7k's closely match your results only differing by 1/2 amp on my "base station" setup,that unit puts out 108W into a Bird-Dummy Load combination and uses a PS-125 supply with Voltage and Amp metering and very short cable lenghts.
The Mobile is connected via the normal supplied cable, and yes I replaced the "dinky cheap" fuse connectors with "Blade" fuses and that actually improved the voltage/current drop situation the lenght is still the same.

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I am thinking about portable operation with batteries and am trying to get and idea of how much current my IC7000 draws on transmit. I have a Samlex SEC 1235M power supply. It never seems to go over 17 amps at about 14 volts with 100 percent power setting on any band, using rtty mode to a dummy load. That seems like a good bit less than the 22 amps max in the specs. I cannot think of a good way to easily check the meter on the power supply. Has anyone else checked this with a known accurate amp meter? At zero power setting it shows about 3 amps. Receive is about 1 amp. (I hunted the archives for the group and could not find this - sorry if it has already been answered.)

David Hooper N4DE

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