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Can we PLEASE change the subject line??? I mean what does a 60 meter mod
have to do with "Should I buy a IC-7K"?

Yes Buy the damn radio already!!!!! and buy the service manual while you're
at it, so you may do the updated 60 meter mod.

Thank You

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Subject: [IC-7000] Re: Should I purchase a IC-7000 ?

I guess your definition of a "jumper" and Icom's dedinition must differ....
Below is the so called procedure, please note THE WARNING!

IC&#8208;7000 60 Meter Modification
The new FCC rules on 60 meter operation allow the removal of one frequency
(5366.5) and the addition
of another frequency (5357.0). Because the IC&#8208;7000 was designed
before this ruling, it cannot be
modified to comply specifically with FCC requirements as described in their
rules. The IC&#8208;7000 can be
modified only to open up the 60 meter band completely.
Removing D2172 diode on the Main board opens the radio up to all of the 60
meter frequencies,
including frequencies not allowed by the FCC.
Important: It is the customer's responsibility, and not Icom America's, to
comply with FCC regulations.

The modification must be performed by a qualified electronics technician.
1. Remove shield. The diode matrix on the main board is located under the
metal shield. Good
SMT (Surface Mount Technology) techniques must be used to remove the diode.
2. Remove D2172.
3. Reinstall the Shield and reassemble the radio.

Any additional comments from you concerning this?


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Icom's 60 meter solution is not to open all band transmit, it is to remove
a jumper which only opens the 60 meter band.

Steve VE7KZ

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Subject: [IC-7000] Re: Should I purchase a IC-7000 ?

I liked the two radios that I own since they provide me with operational
continuity, but in my personal opinion the IC-7000 has now reached the "Long
in the Tooth" stage.

If you can hold off you may get a more "modern" radio that will provide a
better longevity curve.
The 7K at this point is getting close to the "DECADE" mark and it is still
in its original non upgradeable format just look at the 60 Meter situation
and Icoms answer to perform the "all band" modification but at your own

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Seen lots of pro's and con's about this tranceiver like overheating and
low TX audio. Have these problems been addressed or should I pass?

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