Re: [IC-7000] Running Cool As A Cucumber!

Raymond M. Burns

Isn't it wonderful no heating problems with the 7K

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After receiving a replacement top cover from Icom parts department. I replaced the speaker on the old 7K cover with a fan. It involved punching a hole that was off set from the speaker grill and mounting a small, 12v fan in it's place. the grill was larger than the fan so to fill in the speaker openings, I used black electrical tape.

The fan was mounted inside the cover and a matching fan grill is on top. This is not a simple mod that most hams can do. You almost need a shop full of metal working tools.

To reduce fan noise, I'm running it with a 100 ohm in series with 12 volts. As a test I want to check the inside temperature and determine if there's enough air flow to cool the CPU/DSP unit and the main board. During receive, that's where most of the heat is generated. So far it's cool as a cucumber!

As soon as time permits, I'll post a few pictures in the Photos section.


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