Re: [IC-7000] Re: Audio setup

Mark Chalkley

I thought that had been fixed a long time ago, but I might be thinking
of something else.

I don't know how practical it would be, but what are the chances we
could do some sort of informal net at a pre-determined time, so anyone
on the list could join and hear what other member's radio/antenna
setups sound like, trade some advice on what sounds good, etc.?

90% of the rag-chewing I hear out there anyway is equipment-related,
so we'd just be doing the same thing everyone else is, but in a bit
more organized manner. With the mailing list, we might not have to
pre-determine the frequency, depending on band openings, but we could
just agree on a time, and settle the frequency issue a few minutes


Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 10:38:17 AM, you wrote:

Are you guys able to use the narrow transmit bandwidths? The QST
review and many comments on the web say that the radio must be used
in the wide setting. That is my experience as well, as some
strange-sounding digital artifacts crop up when I try to use narrow.
I am using the stock mic with an IC-7000 of recent vintage. What is
everyone else's experience with the TBW setting?
73, Paul K4PDM

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