Audio setup

Phillip <zl2tze@...>

Hi Mark,
I would do the basic set up with the monitor, then go on
air call a few times request some on air testing and I am sure some one will
help you out.

Try to get some one 100 - 200 Ks away and then look for a bit of Dx and see
what they think .. I have done it this way and I find a small tweak is
required for DX ..

All the best


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From: mchalkley@...
Date: 17/04/2012 09:23:10
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Subject: [IC-7000] Audio setup


I'm in the process of hooking a condenser mic, pre-amp/compressor
strip, etc. up to my IC-7000.

Does anybody have any suggestions on the best way to monitor the audio
as I configure the compression, gain, etc.?

The built-in monitor functionality works fine, but I don't think my
ears can really hear the audio well enough to evaluate it when I'm
talking at the same time...

Any ideas? Should I just try to find someone who's not too far from
my location in Jacksonville, FL to listen and make suggestions, or is
there a better way?



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