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Mark - AA6DX

Hi all .. wow, what a busy group for its age! HIHI ... you know, I love the looks of what I've seen in the pix .. I downloaded the manual, etc ... my problem is age is taking its toll on my eyes, an I can just picture going down the road trying to take advantage of the mini screen on the 7ØØØ ---- and if it's there, I want to use it .. HIHI This would be a great time for someone (not me!) to jump in and manufacture a great accessory, a plug-in flat BIG SCREEN (12VDC) monitor that replicates (?) the face of the rig .. .. something one could Velcro to the dash, etc..... an entrepreneur could make a killing!
I have been using (by choice) my MKIIG as a home station for the last few months just to really learn to run it, which is hard to do while mobile. I have been very impressed with its capabilities during contests, etc... Right after I get my new PROIII in a couple months, I will start a piggy bank for a 7ØØØ if it pans out.
73, and Howdy! to all -- Mark, AA6DX Eureka, FAR NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

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