Re: [IC-7000] Amplitude Modulation Mode ALC Problem


I had this problem and it turned out to be a high SWR. I found out that if I
tuned on low power (with the BetterRF) adapter, I ended up with a high SWR once
I went to full power.

My solution was to get close on low power and then do a final touch-up tune at
full power on FM.

The other thing you should check is, if you the control head mounted remotely,
the screw holding the remote cable to the main body of the radio needs to be
clean and tight.

From: aa8dc <>
Sent: Sat, January 14, 2012 7:41:05 AM
Subject: Re: [IC-7000] Amplitude Modulation Mode ALC Problem

I have the same issue with my 7k and can't seem to get it resolved. Talking to
Icom in Bellvue was no help either. As soon as I set the mic. gain in SSB and
change to AM the meter is off the scale and poor low audio?
id wrote:

SSB is working normally but when I switch to AM mode the ALC goes
into the red when I close PTT, so mic gain has no effect. Power output
is low..18 watts, with noisy distorted signal reports.
It seems that the ALC is folding back power. This is occurring on
several bands so it's not specific to a particular frequency. I thought
I might have a stray RF problem but moving wires etc. didn't help.
This is a mobile installation with a screwdriver antenna. The ALC is in
the red even when I reduce the power output and the mic gain.
Any thoughts?


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