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You are right about temperatures and mobile use, but ICOM specs say that the usable temperature range is -10 C to +60 degrees C. That is within the battery specs. My IC-7k normally never exceeded +44 C as I always used it stationary.

Now we are back to my original question: Has somebody changed the battery and can tell a little about how it could be done.

73 de Torgny SM0BWM

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Thanks Torgny for noticing that the ML series are SECONDARY batteries that can be recharged. I jumped right to the data sheet, which doesn't indicate that. The 7K's circuit meets the requirements of the ML920 charging spec at:


The ML920 is only rated for operation up to 60 degrees C, which can easily be exceeded in mobile use, leading to early deterioration of the battery (although I haven't seen a problem with my mobile unit that is 5+ years old).

Clete, the standard CR series of lithium manganese dioxide batteries (like a CR2032) are PRIMARY batteries and will overheat and either rupture, corrode or short out if recharging is attempted. A blocking diode is installed between normal power source and the battery to prevent charging current flow. The 7K's circuit has a blocking diode, but it is used to isolate the battery from the the 3.3 VDC devices normally powered by the 3.3 V regulator, when power is off.

Steve, W3AHL

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I suppose any battery that's floated across a power supply
is "rechargeable". It would appear that the IC-7000 battery
could be replaced IF the radio is on during the operation.
73 Clete

On 9/9/2011 4:58 AM, Torgny wrote:

Thank you for your answers, but according to the information I have
found, the battery IS rechargeble!

Manganese Lithium Recharable ML 920 (ML Coin)
Power source for backing up memory data in:
Mobile telephones
Memory cards
Other small-size communications devices
Charge at voltage levels even under 3V
ChargeVoltage 2.8~3.2
Large capacity for hour-after-hour back-up
Excellent withstand voltage, overcharge and overdischarge withstanding


73 de Torgny SM0BWM

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