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Have 7K where signal strength meter always shows a very low reading and the RX audio is also very low - seems deaf. The problem is evident on all bands. Been tested on several antennas and at different locations with same behaviour displayed despite several resets.

The fact that all bands are affected is concerning - has anyone seen anything similar or be able to suggest what might be at fault.

Doug - GM7SVK

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Thanks Torgny for noticing that the ML series are SECONDARY batteries that can be recharged. I jumped right to the data sheet, which doesn't indicate that. The 7K's circuit meets the requirements of the ML920 charging spec at:

The ML920 is only rated for operation up to 60 degrees C, which can easily be exceeded in mobile use, leading to early deterioration of the battery (although I haven't seen a problem with my mobile unit that is 5+ years old).

Clete, the standard CR series of lithium manganese dioxide batteries (like a CR2032) are PRIMARY batteries and will overheat and either rupture, corrode or short out if recharging is attempted. A blocking diode is installed between normal power source and the battery to prevent charging current flow. The 7K's circuit has a blocking diode, but it is used to isolate the battery from the the 3.3 VDC devices normally powered by the 3.3 V regulator, when power is off.

Steve, W3AHL

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I suppose any battery that's floated across a power supply
is "rechargeable". It would appear that the IC-7000 battery
could be replaced IF the radio is on during the operation.
73 Clete

On 9/9/2011 4:58 AM, Torgny wrote:

Thank you for your answers, but according to the information I have
found, the battery IS rechargeble!

Manganese Lithium Recharable ML 920 (ML Coin)
Power source for backing up memory data in:
Mobile telephones
Memory cards
Other small-size communications devices
Charge at voltage levels even under 3V
ChargeVoltage 2.8~3.2
Large capacity for hour-after-hour back-up
Excellent withstand voltage, overcharge and overdischarge withstanding

73 de Torgny SM0BWM


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