Re: Does anyone know how to formulate the CAT commands

Charles & Sandra Cohen

This is an off-the-wall question, but:

. . When you send the "send the CW keyed memory" CAT command,
. . . . Is the rig in "CW" mode ?

It's possible that you have to set the mode, before using that CAT command.

Ham Radio Deluxe has a bunch of pre-defined function keys, and each one has CAT commands "underneath" it. Looking at the definitions of those keys might give you some help in figuring out how to format your own.

I'm sure that the general rule of digital stuff applies:

. . . Getting the first command to work is the hardest part of the job.

And you've done that already.


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Hello -
I am trying to learn how to control my IC-7000 with CAT / CI-V commands.
When I send the CAT/CI-V command:
FEFE70E00102FD the rig changes to AM mode as expected
(per page 142 of the IC-7000 User Manual) - all is OK.

But when I send
FEFE70E01A0001FD the rig does not transmit the contents of CW Keyer M1
channel as I thought it should.
(see also "Codes for memory keyer contents" page 146 of the User Manual.)
Does anyone know how to formulate the CAT command to get the rig to send
the contents of the CW Keyer memory channels?
(Pushing the physical F1-F4 function keys work just fine sending the
contents of the memory channels.)

Terry McCarty

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