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Steve Sawicki

Yes I do know about Doppler and data integrity it is just unbelievable that in this digital age and with all of the hoopla about digital quality some one kind of forgot about "Doppler effect" in the design department.
My old five inch "analog" unit handled it quite well; I guess that they will get it straight some day....

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Possibly the major part of the problem is the
effect dopler has on the digital data. What with
TV digital data being a very high rate, there's
hardly any time or space between bits coming
toward the moving vehicle.
A collected block of data would need to be
restructured, retimed etc, before looking anything
like what a fixed receiver woud see.
A variable factor I know they'll address is the
speed of the vehicle relative to the direction
of signal arrival. Also multi-path, and the list of
problems goes on and on.
But then again, the military and others use TV
to and from moving objects. Good Luck.
73 Clete

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