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Steve Sawicki

To date I have not found any "Digital" TV unit that will work "in motion" even walking will force heavy picsilation or just a blank screen.
Like you indicated only a small move will effect the signal integrity.
I guess that is what you have to pay for "Digital" clarity.

--- In, Tim Hardy AF1G <hardyt@...> wrote:

The TV comes with a telescoping whip antenna that plugs into the F6 TV connector on the side of the radio.

It does pretty well at picking up TV signals outdoors, less so when indoors. Moving it a few inches one way or another can vastly improve reception.

It does not do well as a mobile TV (in motion).

73 de Tim, AF1G

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Hello, and yes; I did log in. (It is required, in order to enter a promo code.)

Yes, the price is good. My need is minimal... I found the $25 price to be very attractive, and the $35 to be "OK" but not quite yet to the point of committing to buy.

My real need is for a TV for the camping trips. How is the unit's ability to snag signals "out in the trees?" I ASSUME that this unit has an external antenna port; I had not looked or noticed. -But I will!

Thank you for your helpful comment; I can see that this would have been a road-block, indeed!

73; -Mike- KØJTA

--- In, Mark Krotz <mkrotz@> wrote:

It says on the page "You must login first to enter Promo Codes." Did you do that?

Even if the promo code isn't valid, the monitor is still available for only $34.99, still a good deal.


---- s3hampton <mike@> wrote:
I just went to this link; The PROMO CODE is no longer valid.

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