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Steve Sawicki

On the button.
The A210 is duplex and has a full mini plug so that it can be used with cell phones that do not have Bluetooth (old ones for sure) they can be a bit rare since they suffered from a weak Lipo battery and most are not taking a charge (4-5 years since they where made) the eBay crew is asking top price for so called "working" units but they are Weak" batteries to say the least and d0o not justified the exurbanite cost.
You can easily retrofit the micro helicopter batteries; I did a whole bunch for the radio club members.
Good magnifiers small blades and a bit of patience if you want the small package if you do not mind anew plastic enclosure and some NIMH surplus cell phone batteries you will have a fully working DUPLEX unit.
Do a web search their is a modification to stop the time out it's simple and easy

Have a look at Alex's page (Brasil) he did a few as well.


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I believe you will fine the A120 is different than the A210.
I bought it also and found out it would not work. The A120 transmits from the tape recorder etc to the head set, but does not receive from the head set.
If you fine different. please let us know how you have it wired up.


From: Dennis Griffin
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: [IC-7000] Bluetooth option for the IC7000

Recently ordered through Amazon:

Jabra A120s - Bluetooth audio adapter
Sold by: Deals On Wheels LLC
Condition: new
Quantity: 1
$19.99 each

73 de Dennis KD7CAC

On Apr 7, 2011, at 7:03 PM, Van wrote:

The Jabra A210 has not been made for some time now and is no longer available.


From: Dennis
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 6:50 PM
Subject: [IC-7000] Bluetooth option for the IC7000

I did a search of the archives for options for a Bluetooth set up for my IC-7000. The posts were a little dated but a strong case was made for the Blue Parrott B250 headset with the Jabra A210 interface.

I realize that the answer is going to be subjective and everyone likes their own choice, but does anyone have a really good reason why I shouldn't go this way or a way better alternative?

Thanks in advance.

Dennis, N8ERF
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