Re: [IC-7000] Connection Problems IC7000 - CT17 - Ham Radio Deluxe



I have the seem problems with my rig!!!
The CI-V driver circuit was broking down inside the rig...
You can check that with a scoop on the remote must see the data
flow on the jack!!!
Or you can connect 2 icoms with a ci-v jack together...(no interface needed)
rig 1 following rig 2 if you turn the dial...

Greetings from ON7KEC Luc

2011/4/1 Timothy McKnight <>

Thanks for all the responses, but someone has hijacked my question.

I am using a SERIAL CABLE with an old-fashioned DB9 connector that plugs
into my PC in order to avoid the USB-to-serial problems that everyone's
commenting on. I have used Auto-detect for all the connection options in
the HRD connection wizard and it simply does not detect any signal.

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot a lack of connectivity using a SERIAL
CABLE from the CT-17?

Many thanks,

Tim Ei2KA / G2YC

On 1 April 2011 09:49, Graham Saville <> wrote:

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Hi All,
There is a variety of USB CT17 cables that do not require a serial to
USB adapters on Ebay. I have one and it works well. I use Linux and I
believe for windows you may need some drivers.

Best 73
From Graham G1RNZ
Good DX.

On 01/04/11 00:30, don leitch wrote:

I have been using an ic 7000 and ct -17 for two years and set it up in

I used auto detect on ALL settings not just the comport, This is from
as I have changed from my ct 17 now to a navigator but there was an
to auto detect the com port and the civ address, that was the only way
could get it to work, entering the 70 h didn't work for me. The data
came with my navigator talks about serial to usb converters and how
work really well and others are a waste of time.

Don zl1atb

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Subject: [IC-7000] Connection Problems IC7000 - CT17 - Ham Radio Deluxe

I've been quietly monitoring the many posts about rig control via CI-V
finally decided to set it up on my IC-7000 (that I bought in 2007, and
happy with) and Ham Radio Deluxe (v5.0 build 2356 Beta). I bought a
and an RS-232 to serial cable. Then I read and followed all the
and suggestions I can find. But alas, I can't make the rig and HRD talk
each other.

I set the IC-7000's CI-V Baud Rate to 9600, CI-V Address is 70h
and CI-V Transceive is ON (since my SteppIR Controller requires this).
connected the cable from the CT-17 to one of my PC's two serial ports
other port is not in use) and the operating system is XP Pro. There
are two
3.5mm patch leads running from the CT-17: one from remote port (1) on
CT-17 to the IC-7000's CI-V Remote Control Jack and the other from
port (4) to the SteppIR Controller. The CT-17 is powered by the
power lead.

Running the HRD rig connection wizard, I selected the Icom IC-7000,
set COM
Port to Auto-detect, Speed to 9600, CI-V Add to 70 (I also tried '70H'
HRD to match the rig's '70h' CI-V Address, but it made no difference).
left the DTR and RTS boxes un-ticked since HRD Help says they are not
with the CT-17, but tried it with them ticked as well (no difference).
I am
pretty sure that the serial ports on my PC are using COM5 and COM6, but
trying all kinds of combinations for these two COM Ports (plus all the
others) only results in 'Failed to read frequency.'

To make sure there is not a fault with the CT-17, I checked that the
Controller is tracking frequency from the IC-7000 via the CT-17, and
it is.

Has anyone got suggestions as to what next I should try?

Thanks in advance,

Tim Ei2KA / G2YC


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