LO off QRG


Hello !

I am new hire so warm hello for all IC7000 owners.
My rig serve me perfect for 6 years in many UHF SHF test and I am still fascinated with it.
To be quick: my LO is off. On 2m 1,2 kHz and on 70 cm 4 kHz. I am low with LO so I can not reach exact LO of 124.032 . In DDS calibrating routine I tried from OOh to FFh but nothing happens after returning to main menu as additional problem. Of course I press SET button ; )
When I adjusting DDS LO i can see change. This change is not sufficient to be exactly on 124.032. I am always off and little bit down.I can change cca 100 Hz from 00 to FF. When I step out from service routine no change is noticeable on real QRG like DDS service routine doesn't catch. Do I make something wrong?. I tried to find answer from previous messages but I am not sure I get right one. I have USA version of radio and frequency counter. In normal OTH REF Adjustment I can change almost 7kHZ range but always down of proper frequency. Could some other setups interfere? Could I improve situation with master reset?

If someone went true this issue on his radio please advice!
Thanks in advance.
Best regards, Luci , 9A1Z

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