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Steve Sawicki

Had a look at all of the units that have external USB sound cards and had "sticker shock".

Navigator $365 plus $48 Cable Harness

MicroHam USB Interface III: $199 one radio cable included

SignaLink™ USB with 6-pin mini DIN Cable SLUSB6PM $99.95

I can see why one has such "popularity" to say the least considering that the first is almost what I spent for my first FT-817 radio.
My home built interface (dual transformers) opto isolated switching and a small metal box as well as shielded input and output cables cost me less then $25.
Do agree that a external sound card will outperform a internal laptop sound card when using some specialty software, I did pick up one at the Orlando hamfest for $5.00 and tend to use it with my interface when I am operating in the shack, when in the field I tend to use the internal sound card.\

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You are asking us to compare Buicks to Fords. We need to know which model of each, not just the brand.
Basically, you want an interface that simplifies your setup. It should handle CAT rig control, PTT, and audio I/O. The ability to act as an external sound device is a plus. The internal sound device, usually on the motherboard, is a poor choice as it lives in a high noise environment, is in a constant battle with the OS, and can cause you to accidentally broadcast OS sounds. The drivers for the on-board device tend to have a lot of "bells and whistles" like "3D" and 7.1 sounds. Those features can screw up digital modes. Drivers for communications grade external interfaces are "plain jane".
Don't forget to look at the microHam USB Interface III or Navigator interfaces for full one box/one cable solutions.
Your choice of software digital application is transparent to the interface. You can use FLdigi or any other sound mode program you want.

73 de Perry - K4PWO

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Subject: [IC-7000] Which one?

For a few days now the question about connecting
the IC-7000 to a computer as come up.
I don't wish to stir up anything, or start a heated discussion,
but I would like to know the pros and cons of the two
interfaces mentioned here. They are not identical, so there
must be some notable differences between them:
The RigBlaster and Signal Link.
Both my computers have built-in sound cards.
I expect to run FLdigi until something else comes along.


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