Steve Sawicki

He is using a USB to serial dongel.
The stock CI-V was designed to adapt a computer serial port to the Icom port.
Many laptops, and even new desk tops no longer have "Serial" ports, just a whole bunch of USB ports.
Many of the "inexpensive" USB converters used the older Prolific chip that has no Windows 7 support drivers, the latest Prolific chip have and works in Win7 and Win 7 64 bit.
I have one that will only work in XP-Pro and it uses the older chip while two others work in Win 7 and XP-Pro.
Happily my laptop with XP-Pro that is used for field work has a serial port and two USB ports.

--- In, "James" <kb7tbt@...> wrote:

I bought my CI-V from eBay, paid 10 bucks or something like that.
I don’t understand why you need drivers and windows compliant for a basic
serial cable.


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