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Bill <kyradio@...>

Hi All

I joined because I am interested in this new radio by Icom. I own the IC 706 Mk2 G . I think it is the best out there for the price and versatility.

I have two questions, does anyone have any advance knowledge of when the 706 will be discounted and closed-out? And when will it happen. If at Dayton they close them out for $500 , that would be a heck of a deal! In 2003, they were closing out the Yaesu 817 for $400 at Dayton... so it could be possible. ( They closed out the 817 to make way for the 817ND)

My only beef with the new 7000 would be that 222 Mhz. will be excluded again. At the very least , Icom could have provided a optional module to be installed for 222 Mhz.

However the 7000 with 500 memories and 35 watts on UHF and better filters, would likely be worth the difference in price between a possible closeout price of the 706 and a possible selling price of $950 for the new 7000.

Makes me wonder what Yaesu or Kenwood will come up to match the 7000. What ever the case, if the 7000 is just as reliable as the 706Mk2G. Then Icom will have another winner on its hands. Just look at the reviews of the 706Mk2G, out of 292 reviews it ranks a 4.5 (out of 5) on exceptionally high.

Bill in KY

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