Re: [IC-7000] no data!!


Hi Steve,

Tks again, i will check it tomorrow and i hope its the transistor...its a
smd i believed not?
I have not open my rig till today (warranty!)i have already downloaded the
service manual that's not the problem but wen the transistor is smd ....
my eyes hihihi.

Greeting and i inform you about the results.


2011/1/30 Steve W3AHL <>

The CI-V driver circuit is simple to check if you have the service manual.
Q1101 is on the top side of the Logic board. Use a DVM's Diode check
function to see if the transistor is OK and also verify continuity from the
tip of the CI-V cable to Q1101's collector (checks if the SMT Remote jack is

If the transistor is blown, that is easy to buy and replace. The Remote
jack is only avaliable from Icom parts. It is a little harder to replace if
you are experienced with surface mount parts. Any testing or repair should
only be done at a static-safe work station.

Having it repaired at an Icom service center usually isn't too expensive if
there is one in your country.

I don't feel there is anything inherently weak with the CI-V circuit, other
than there is no ESD protection on it. The 2SC4028 transistor BVcbo rating
is 60 V and Ic is 150 ma, which far exceeds its intended application.

More important than powering off the radio and computer before plugging
anything into the radio is to verify there is a low voltage offset between
the the chassis grounds of all units being connected together. If the
previous owner didn't have his station grounded correctly (such as no
grounded surge suppressor on the coax entry point) there could be 100+ volts
on the radio chassis relative to the computer chassis due to static charge
on the antenna. That is enough to blow the CI-V interface when the cable is
plugged in, regardless of whether power to the radio is off or not. Not
having the station ground bonded to the main electrical panel ground is
another common cause of station failures.

Good station installation practice will prevent many radio failures. And
remembering to discharge any static electricity from your body before
touching a cable or unit can prevent component damage due to electrical
overstress also.

Steve, W3AHL

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Hi Robbie,

Tks for the info.
i see no data with my scoop so i think the remote is broken.
its seems to bee a weak poit of the rig!

tks and 73

2011/1/30 R Elms <ruler552003@...>


Last year the remote connection on my '7000 stopped working. I used my
scope to
watch the data line while I turned the vfo knob. I did not see any
just a constant DC level (about 3.8 volts if I remember correctly). The
was a failed transistor in the '7000. I do not remember its number.

Robie - AJ4F

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Subject: [IC-7000] no data!!

Hi to all,

I have problem with my 7000...
On the remote jack there is no dataflow to see on my scoop...
I cant work remote with mixw,n1mm,hrd...
Pls all info that can bring me a sollution welcome.



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