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scott edwards <kg4ktl@...>

Another speculation could be that ic7000 is for the european version as the 7400 was the european version of my 746 pro?? Whaddya think? kg4ktl

Adam Farson <> wrote:Hi Clint,

The only instances of the 7000 model number of which I am aware are the
IC-R7000 receiver and the IC-F7000 DSP-based commercial/marine HF-SSB

Icom is in the process of replacing its entire analogue HF product line with
DSP-based designs. As high-performance ADC, DSP and DAC IC's become more
cost-effective, this change, which already includes Icom's high- and
mid-range HF and HF/VHF transceivers, will migrate down to the lower-priced
models such as the IC-718, IC-706 series etc.

"In technology, there are only two degrees of freedom: forward and down.
There is no backwards."

Cheers for now, 73,

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From: Clint Bradford []
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 00:25
Subject: [ic7000] Unit Name

I wonder why Icom would use the same "name" for a new radio - "IC-
7000" - that they used for a unit a few years ago.

Just to make myself clear about all this: I am sure that the major
manufacturers will debut offerings at Dayton. But I am having trouble
believing that Icom will soon cease production of the '706, since it
is still selling extremely well.

And so it goes....

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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