Re: Reality or Myth?

MKM <starlight04@...>

Just for fun I have contacted Icom Europe, UK and US about the radio.

The Germans replied first saying the radio is still in R&D.

Second, Icom UK said the radio will be out by mid year.

Local Icom here did not return my email.

Yes, of course the radio is real. Try it for yourself by asking, for example Icom UK about it by email.


On Mar 11, 2005, at 8:05 PM, Adam Farson wrote:

OK Guys, let's not get in an argument about this.

If the radio is "for real", as we have reason to believe it is , we will all

If it is not, we will all say "Oh well..." and move on. Life is too short
for any other reaction.

Best 73,
Owner, Yahoo! ic7000 Group

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Subject: Re: [ic7000] Reality or Myth?

Hmmm, it wasn't enough for Clint to post his negativity about this radio on
eHam, he had to do it here as well.

--- Clint Bradford <> wrote:

Has anyone seen this "7000" in any of the Japanese radio trade
magazines? Personally, until I see it appear there, I won;t be holding
my breath for its US debut.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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