Re: Reality or Myth?

Seabury <tseabury@...>

Group and Clint,
As I have stated before, if this is a spoof then Icom should take a real
hard look at it!
The details in the pictures and the look and feel of the controls
represents a fantastic
preview of the next generation of a 706 series radio. The
information, particularly
the picture, is what Icom should have paid, and maybe did pay, many
thousands of bucks
to have someone conceive.
If it's a spoof then the best thing Icom should do would be to copy the
picture and get started!!!
Sorry Clint, but if it's a "myth", then Icom has lost their mind!

de KI6O Tom

Clint Bradford wrote:

Has anyone seen this "7000" in any of the Japanese radio trade
magazines? Personally, until I see it appear there, I won;t be
holding my breath for its US debut.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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