Re: [IC-7000] Its Back

Lee de Vries

Hi John,
Regarding plugging/un-plugging things while they are on, it really depends
what circuits are being switched. You can safely plug the headset because
the temporary short circuit conditions that the plug creates as it transits
past the ring and opens the tip does not cause a proble especially as the
headset is not connected to anything else. Not so the CI-V connector which
has some transistors connected to the tip/ring and during the transition DC
conditions are not normal. Furthermore the other end of the CI-V cable is
connected to a PC and it may be at a different ground potential.
If the CI-V must be hot plugged , I would disconnect the cable from
RS232/USB on the PC first, connect the CI-V and then re-connect the
You can be over paranoiac/OCD about this though.

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