Re: [IC-7000] PTT Switch Failure

Jim Wright

Steve - Do you have an Alps part number or a Mouser stock number for the
replacement switch you've used?


On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 10:11 AM, Steve W3AHL <> wrote:

My mobile 7K refused to transmit a couple of days ago. It had worked fine
the night before. I swapped mic's and it worked. Reflowing the solder joints
on the PTT switch and RJ-45 connector again didn't help.

I pulled the switch out and confirmed in would only occasionally make
contact no matter how it was pushed.

Mouser normally carries an Alps switch that I have used previously, but
they were out of stock until 11/22/10. So I ordered a couple from Icom
Bellevue for $2.79 each. Mouser sells them for $0.30.

The switches are rated for 200,000 cycles by Alps. I don't think I've come
close to that in 4 years, especially since I use a headset mic or boom mic
and foot switch much of the time.

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