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Steve Sawicki

How old is your 7K, a weak final on HF and V/U sounds like a factory defect problem to me?
Next they will be claiming that the driver escaped smoke problem will cost to repair.......

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Hello All,
I got my IC-7000 back from Icom - Michigan today. I checked it out on the air and all seems to be OK.

It turns out one of the HF Finals was weak causing unstable power on different bands. It was also causing distorted audio. One of the UHF/VHF finals was also weak. Matt also performed the Icom factory mod to the Driver board. Total cost of $172.43. He packed the radio for return shipping better than I did for shipping to him. I will use him again if I have problems with any other Icom rig.

Tom - NT4OM
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Normally if one final transistor is lost, the power will drop to zero. The PA stage is a push/pull configuration and you need both transistors to conduct current. More than likely there's a problem with the ALC circuit. The directional coupler could have a bad diode that's causing the transmit power to drop prematurely. I repaired several Icom 706's with similar problems and it always pointed to a bad diode.

Jack WA9FVP Willco Electronics.

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Hello Mike,

My IC7K is at Icom Michigan right now with the very same problem. I called
Matt and explained the symptoms. He suggested I may have lost one of the HF
finals. I should have it back before the end of the month. I will post
what was repaired when I get it back.

Tom Barber - NT4OM
Never Trust 4 Old Men
"May All Your Signals Be Rare DX"

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