Re: [IC-7000] Restricted to mobile portble opertion setup advise ?

Jim Farley, KG4FXV

Eric --
I have a 2-battery solid state isolator on my 1979 GMC Suburban.  I was a volunteer Civil Defense/Emergency Management Director for the city in which I live and when I bought the Suburban in December 1979, I installed the isolator and a second battery to power my emergency lights, siren, and two 100 watt two-way radios (an 8 channel Low Band VHF radio and an 8 channel High Band VHF radio).  The isolator works quite well, although I had one isolator fail while on vacation, giving the indication of no output from the alternator.  I went to the local Sears auto shop and they were quite puzzled as their equipment indicated full alternator output.  I was discussing this with the mechanic and service manager when the light-bulb in my head lit.  The local NAPA store did not have an isolator in stock, so we moved the alternator output lead to the normal vehicle battery lead on the isolator (leaving the emergency equipment dead) and continued on our trip. 
I checked another NAPA store the next day; they had an isolator in stock which I bought, installed, and things were back to normal.
I still have the 1979 GMC Suburban which I drive daily, still with the isolator and second battery installed.  I am in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and will be installing my recently purchased IC-7000 along with a dedicated marine radio in the near future and do not anticipate any problems.
-- Jim, KG4FXV

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