[IC-7000] Re: IC-7000 modification to reduce heat on the main board.


There is more than one way to cool a PCB!!! hihi


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Now this is what i did as far as the fan mod.. i took the orignal internal fan and wired it with a jack on the back outside of the radio.. I took an external power supply that is variable voltage adjusted, and hooked it up to that. Now when i work hf or on uhf (uhf is where the radio gets the hottest) i just adjusted the voltage knob so that fan spins faster and just as quick as the temp goes up it goes down. This way there is no caps, resistors and any hook up to the internal components. Now if i want to return it back to normal, I picked up another oem fan from icom and all i have to is install it and iam back to orignal.. This is one of the best mods that i have done..

Now time for others to start a flame that this mod is wrong and will never work. but trust me i have had it like this for the last 13mos and no problems..



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