Re: Mil 810 C, D, E for shock......Mil 810 C, D, E, for vibration in IC706/7000

Tom <tgleeman@...>

Hi Mike(W8MM) and the Group,

Mike wrote:

I am under the impression that surface
mounted components have less mass, shorter
cantilever length, and therefore much, much
higher mechanical resonant frequencies than
leaded parts.
That is a good impression, Mike. I used to watch
the guys at the surplus house get the surface mounted
parts off boards by flexing the board. They didn't
even need to get their soldering irons warm.

I'm just wondering how Icom produces a reliable product
they call "portable" and "mobile" or does that just mean
it can be carried from room to room?

Anyone.....what's inside your 706.....and possibly
the 7000 that keeps the parts from rattling around????

KE6YNH, 73


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