Do YOU recommend the purchase of an ic79000?

STEPHEN <g6sga@...>

OK, I have not bought the rig yet.

I am hoping to get 5 new radios to be used in Emergency Deployment Radio Equipment Sets. Basically for Radio Amateurs to use in RAYNET (UK) or International Health Service situations (Haiti or Honduras for example).

I am raising the funds as we speak and have got the cash for one and nearly two of the kits.

The equipment consists of
• Pelican Case Model 1550 – To put all the kit in for transportation
• Laptop – For processing digital communications. can be any with OS of XP or later. I believe the Winlink software is now compatible with Windows 7.
• Radio modem, PTC-IIusb Pactor 3 ready (USB) - (These allow digital communication on a number of emergency bands, including Radio transmitted email)
• Power Source – Protable Generator – Honda EU10i -
• Power Supply – Nissei PS-30SW11 PSU
• Radio - ICOM IC-7000
• Antenna Tuner – LDG model Z11 Pro
• Antenna – G5RV plus
• Morse Key – While Morse is somewhat redundant in the digital age it is still a viable communication method when voice will just not make it.
• Cables and power cords various (aprox £50 each)
• Insurance and transportation and customs cost when deploying.

The radio must include all mods to work in UK, USA and Central America.

a) do you recommend it?
b) what mods / (URLs would help) would you recommend
c) what optional extras do you think are essential - considering the use they would be put to?
d) do you think the kit could have or should have anything else included?

Thanks Stephen

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