Re: Loss of Audio

Steve W3AHL


You may have a defective or damaged rear speaker jack. If the speaker plug gets bumped hard the jack can be stressed enough to break or be torn off of the PCB. It is a fairly small surface mount jack.

This is consistent with all of the symptoms you report. If there was a problem with the DSP you wouldn't have any audio out of the front headphone/speaker jack.

Unless you are experienced with repairing surface mount boards, the unit should be returned to Icom for repair.

Steve, W3AHL

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Hello group,
I have an odd problem so I thought I would run it by the group and see if anyone has any ideas. I have lost the audio output. When it first happened I noticed the receive meter was still working so I knew it had to be just in the audio out section. Neither the internal speaker nor the external speaker works. Now the odd part. The headphone jack works after moving the switch on the back of the control head to the speaker position and plugging in my external speaker. This gives me a work around so at least I can use the radio. Also, the audio works on the data connector on the back of the radio so I can still run PSK etc.

I use a Diamond power supply that has a voltage adjust knob on the front and the other day I must have hit that adjustment with my foot and lowered the voltage. When I keyed the radio it would turn itself off and then power back up. Took me a little while to realize what was wrong. It received ok like that. I wonder if that could have had something to do with the audio loss.

Any ideas out there??

Paul n1pd

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