Re: [IC-7000] No warranty with Icom Australia



If warranty is not an issue, the best buy is from Hong Kong.


Johnny VR2XMC

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主題: [IC-7000] No warranty with Icom Australia

Had one of the two finals blow in my 7000 and the VK icom service manager suggested it had been hit by lightning etc, and they wont cover it on warranty on my 10 month old radio, and I had to pay for the repair
~$300. I had purchased this 7000 from an authorised Australian icom dealer.

When I get the ic-9100 and ic-7800 soon, I will be purchasing direct from the USA, and no longer buying from icom Australia dealers, as good warranty support (expected) was the only reason I purchased the 7000
from Icom VK in the first place.

I have purchased many icom radio's direct from the USA in the past without a problem.

Now I will save some money.


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