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don <don@...>

That's the problem with little rigs though isn't it great in theory but
lets us down in practice, If I could afford an ic 756pro 3 that's what I
would get. By the way my xyl is a simpson her grand kids think its funny
as .

Don zl1atb

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I tried Icom and had no luck getting them to understand that I wanted both
male and female connectors so gave up on them at the time. Could have been a

communication problem over the phone of course! I have a BetterRF controller

for my HiQ 5/160. The BetterRF unit plugs directly in the back of the IC7000

which means you can't plug anything into the 4 connectors for external video

etc. A strange design idea. I wanted to make an extension cable so the
Better RF unit would not have to be mounted as intended and allow use of
those connections. The PC cable idea did the job.

Grant, ZL2BK
IRLP nodes 6285 and 6081

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I bought two from Icom here in Auckland, typical they wanted a lot more
a pc connector

Don zl1atb

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