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The IC7000 connector is not the same as those on PC power connectors. The IC7000 one is flat at one end and has a chamfer on both sides at the other end. The PC connector has the chamfer on one side at both ends. They can be made to fit by using a sharp knife to trim a little plastic off the correct end to make a chamfer on both sides at that end.
These connectors are not readily available here in New Zealand so modifying PC connectors is a simple way to go that works (and costs nothing!).

Grant, ZL2BK
IRLP nodes 6285 and 6081

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Yes, it's a 4-pin Molex connector, and I did buy one of the male
connectors at RadioShack -- but at least on the 706MkIIG it's a
different shape from those used in PCs. RS# 274-224.


Alan NV8A

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