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Jim VE4CY,
I have checked all that you have mentioned.SWR is 1.3 on the Yaesu YS-500 meter and the radio says the same,It has full output but no receive.Does the ic-7000 have any protection on the antenna side and how can I check it????????

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On Wednesday 14 April 2010 10:32:27 am BASILIE wrote:

With the ht TX 5 watts in the car I only have a S-5 Signal,Pre Amp ON ATT OFF.
Have you checked the antenna?

Make sure you've got the plug installed on the correct SO239
at the back of the radio. (On the VHF and not on the HF).

Make sure the antenna mount, coax, and the connections to the
PL259 plug are still good.

If you have a VHF SWR bridge, check the SWR If you don't have a
bridge, use the power output meter on your IC-7000 on transmit.
If the power is folding back a lot, then you probably have an
antenna problem.

If your antenna and coax are all OK, then it sounds like you might
have to send the rig in to ICOM for repair.....

73 de Jim VE4CY

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